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Project Description
A web part for SharePoint 2010 that enables users playing video in the page using the Ribbon bar.

Actual features

  • You can select the web part and open the video player in the Ribbon bar
  • You can play, pause, stop the video, increase or decrease volume using custom Ribbon bar controls 
  • You can view the actual time of the video in the status bar
  • You can specify video height and width, or fit within the page 
  • You can play videos following the video/audio HTML5 standards  
  • You can play a video using its URI
  • It has been tested only with Chrome 14 

To be implemented

  • Test for IE9 and Firefox
  • Convert to a sandbox solution
  • The ability to play multple videos in a single page
  • Video selection from the Ribbon bar
  • Seek slider on the Ribbon bar
  • The HTML5 Video Custom Field
  • And so on...

Anyone who wants to join the project, can contact me via my web site: or via twitter @PeppeDotNet

And now.. one example! :)

HTML5 Video Web Part

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